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Bedrooms: 12 (sleeps 12)
Bathrooms: 0

VRDPP: $45.00

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√√ńń√ √√√√√ń ńńńńń√√ńń‘ Č?ź ‘√ √During the rental periods from January 1st through June 5th andSeptember 5th through December 31st, it is agreed and understoodthat the LESSEE is responsible for a professional cleaning at theend of the rental period by Avalon Property Management in theamount of $187.25. This amount will be charged in addition to therental amount and will be collected by Ferguson Dechert RealEstate. Ferguson Dechert Real Estate will then schedule thecleaning directly with the cleaning company.‘ Č?ė ‘During the rental periods from June 5th through September 5th ń ńthe‘ Č?` ‘√ √LESSORń ń will provide a cleaning service to perform normal changeover‘ Č?( ‘cleaning at the end of the rental period.However, √ √LESSEEń ń isresponsible for the following before departure:1.Make all beds.2.Empty the dishwasher.Make sure all food and beverages areremoved from refrigerator and cabinets.3.Please make sure garbage disposal is emptied of any food beforedeparture.4.Trash is to be properly recycled and contained.Trash and‘ Č?ą ‘recycled items should √ √NOTń ń be commingled.Lessee is to strictlyadhere to trash pick©up schedule to ensure adequate empty‘ Č? ‘containers for incoming tenants.√ √Should trash and/or recyclingprocedures not be followed, Lessee's security deposit may be ‘ Č?® ‘charged a Trash Disposal charge.ń ń5.Lessor provides a grill for your enjoyment.Please be courteousand replace charcoals/lighter fluid, propane, as needed.Pleaseclean the grates prior to your departure.‘ Č?X ‘6.Absolutely √ √NO PETSń ń of any kind are allowed at any time.7.If the property is marked as a NON SMOKING property in theamenities section of the lease, smoking is prohibited within theproperty. Should Lessee or guests smoke in the outdoor areas of theproperty, ashes and butts must be properly and safely disposed of.If the property requires extensive cleaning and/or any of the addeditems of this lease (above) are not adhered to, resultant chargeswill be deducted from Lessee's security deposit.‘ Č?ū# ‘√ √Internet Access © Owner provides internet access between MemorialDay and Labor Day. Please check with real estate agency to confirm‘ Č?Ä% ‘exact dates ń ń√ √that internet access is activated.ń ń



Groups Air Conditioning King Beds
Queen Beds Double Beds Single Beds A=10
Sofa Beds Bunk Beds
Washer & Dryer Cleaning Included Dishwasher
Microwave Non-Smoking Unit Pets Allowed
TV TV Cable Provided
Single Family Elevator Internet Access
BBQ- gas, coal, LP DVD player Deck
Deck Furniture Screened Porch Outside Shower
Garage Boat Slip Swimming Pool

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